SBR-Builds is a fast growing disc buildteam!


We make spawns/skywars/pvp-maps/prison mines for instagram/discord costumers. Meanwhile the ratio of time / projects has decreased due to the number of projects, which leads to a lower quality. Because of this we are looking for new builders.


Do you like building wether under pressure or not? And are you good at terraforming? 


Well.. by then it will be a good idea to apply for our buildteam.

Pls by then fill in this form: SBR-Build builders application

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who are we?

SBR-Builds is a Buildteam whom builds custom maps for customers.

We are specialised in small (less than 500x500) maps for:

Spawns, pvp, skywars, prisonmine etc...


We hope to see and meet you on our discord!